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    Grant-funded Virtual Reality First Responder Training fully funded by the U.S. DOT PHMSA — includes VR hardware equipment and training sessions.

    First responders are the core of a community’s HAZMAT team.

    They need to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Hazmat Virtual is virtual reality training for individuals and teams to practice their response to incidents from totally equipped virtual reality headsets. This training is perfect for fire academies and training organizations to get experience and knowledge on more than 80 hazardous chemicals and liquids from the safety of a firehouse or training facility. Training is grant-funded and earns Professional Development Hours (PDHs). Your team can fight fires so real that participants say they can smell the smoke.

    Upcoming In-Person Training Events:

    International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference 2024
    June 5–9, 2024 | Baltimore, MD

    2024 OVFA Annual Training Conference
    June 20–23, 2024 | Brooks, OR

    2024 NVFC Training Summit
    June 21–22, 2024 | Buffalo, NY

    Continuing Challenge HazMat Emergency Response Workshop
    September 4–5, 2024 | Sacramento,  CA

    NAHMMA National Conference
    September 22–27, 2024 | Tempe, AZ

    Hazardous Materials Instructors and Commanders Conference
    November 11–14, 2024 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

    International Hazardous Materials Response Conference | June 9–12, 2022

    Hilton Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

    There's huge opportunity here... to grow and give firefighters real experience that doesn't put them in any real danger.

    —Vancouver Fire Department

    This training is for:

    Community college and fire science programs
    Community college & fire science programs

    Fire academies and training organizations
    Fire academies & training organizations

    Municipal, military, & volunteer first responders
    Municipal, military, & volunteer first responders

    Hazmat teams
    Hazmat teams

    Emergency preparedness and response organizations
    Emergency preparedness & response organizations

    Fire marshals and code officials
    Fire marshals & code officials

    Ray Deatherage - trainer for first responder agencies

    About the Trainer

    Ray Deatherage has over 20 years experience conducting liaison training for first responder agencies. This includes supporting the natural gas training needs for the third largest fire department in the nation. In addition, he has over 6 years experience designing and deploying virtual reality (VR) training experiences within the energy industry and for other stakeholders.

    How VR Training Works

    Hazmat Virtual live first responder training
    1. Choose a date you want to start training⟶
    2. We generally follow up by email to arrange shipping. Please use the email that reaches you! Please check your SPAM filter email inbox if you don’t see your reservation request.
    3. We’ll ship you VR headsets that your team can use for instructor-led or self-paced learning.*
    4. Teach as many modules as you’d like—they are unlimited!
    5. On the agreed date, ship the headsets back in a postage-paid box.
    6. We’ll send you a training report so you can assign PDHs.

    Hazmat Virtual is created and taught by GTI Energy and made possible by the Department of Transportation Community Safety Grant.

    * Equipment package deliveries will only be released after a signature is received from a recipient upon delivery at scheduled location.